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How to install word press local PC

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is a content management system (CMS) develop using PHP and Mysql for initailly built as a blogging platform , but now its massively popular system / platform for developing webistes , e-commerce sites , news portal and many more. it give us easy customazation and easy content update facility.  Read More..

Open Your Browser &

>> click download wordpress

>> After download complete unzip file into your XAMPP htdoc folder.

C:\xampp\htdocs (default location )

>> Give folder name as wordpress or Wp.

>> your XAMPP Server

>> Then Type Localhost/phpmyadmin

>> In the field labeled " Create new Database " Type Database Name Wordpress then click Enter.

>> Go to Your Browser type localhost/wordpress if your folder name is wordpress / WP if you name your folder as WP at time of unzip file.

>> Click Create configuration file

Click Continue

>> Enter Wordpress / WP for your Database Name , root as your User Name , leave Passowrd Field Blank

Finally Click Submit

>> Enter a title for your wordpress site / blog , your email address and choose a unique password and username. after all done click Install Wordpress.

after installation complete your site/blog is run with dashboard 

Well Done Wordpress is Install In Your PC.

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